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Introducing Manikandaprabhu, the Co-founder and Director of Ainthinai Urban Infrastructures Private Limited. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, he brings a wealth of experience in both the engineering field and, notably, in real estate for nearly a decade.

He possesses diverse expertise, playing integral roles in residential real estate marketing, financing, and engineering. His specific focus and proficiency in these areas significantly contribute to Ainthinai’s success.

In his vital role at the company, He excels in retail marketing, utilizing his extensive background to effectively promote residential properties. Additionally, he plays a crucial role in securing bank financing for clients’ property purchases, ensuring seamless transactions. His involvement extends to strategically pricing projects, making policy decisions, and fostering strong customer relations, further solidifying Ainthinai’s standing in the real estate market.

With a commitment to excellence and a decade of specialized experience, Manikandaprabhu stands as an instrumental leader in shaping Ainthinai’s success story, embodying the company’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction.


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