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Introducing Muthukumara Raju, the driving force behind Ainthinai Urban Infrastructures Private Limited. With a Bachelor’s degree earned in the early ’80s, he has navigated diverse industries, emerging as a leader with a unique fusion of entrepreneurial spirit and profound insights into real estate.

With over a decade of expertise in real estate, he has perfected the art of acquiring prime properties and steering through real estate investments. His keen instincts have strategically positioned Ainthinai as a standout player in the suburbs of Coimbatore.

As Founder and Managing Director, Muthukumara Raju shapes the company’s vision, going beyond conventional limits to foster innovation and growth. A wizard in property acquisition and investor relations, he crafts partnerships that stand the test of time.

From the company’s inception to day-to-day operations, he leads Ainthinai with a commitment to redefining boundaries and sculpting the evolving landscape of Coimbatore’s fast-growing suburbs.


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